Friday, July 29, 2011

It all started...

With a wedding!
May 21st of 2011

Honeymoon/ Conception Dates
May 21-29 

A few weeks later we were home at last.  I was enjoying being a house wife to my new husband and Jorma was enjoying the benefits of having a wife with the summer off! 
But then I started to feel a bit off... I was tired and for no good reason... I had lost my appetite and felt bloated even if I didn't eat much... Then it hit me!

I had one last pregnancy test in my stash (yes, I have a personal stash).  It was a cheap stick with 2 lines: one control and one test line.  I had taken about 4 of these before through out the years just to be safe.  Not once did I see any sort of test line, but this night a faded yet unmistakably test line smiled back at me. 

Well, I called Dawn ASAP.  Jorma was on his way home from work and I didn't want to tell him if the test was wrong!  Clearly there was a line but the direction said a line fainter than the control line is a negative!  Dawn, of course, got me all excited and wondering.  I was thinking this is just another false hope... but what if!!!

Jorma walked in about 5-10 minutes later.  I said, "Hey babe!  Not to alarm you (hehe) but I may or may not be pregnant!" and showed him the pee stick!  At first, his face showed no reaction but then a big grim and rolling eyes came to his face.  I told him I was going to run to the Rite Aid and get some digital tests like Dawn suggested.  

I rushed home to find Jorma waiting and ran to the bathroom.  As I peed on this new fancy stick,  I started to wonder if this could actually be happening so quick.  We wanted to try on the wedding night and had planned that out but did it really work first try???

I put the test down on the sink (after I cleaned it!) and then Jorma picked it up.  I said, "Stop moving it, it needs to be level and perfect!"  When I looked up at Jorma he had a big grin on his face and said, "Oh, it's already done babe."  It sure was and in less than a minute!

3 Tests later and what do you know!

We are thrilled to have a new baby Pelto and at the same time praying to God that he will help us with every step and decision!  This is a dream come true!

Baby Update
As of today, Baby Sprout is 11 weeks and the size of a plum (~1.5 in)!  Sprout already look human and it flopping around like a fish out of water (though I obviously can't feel it yet).  Also, the sexual organs are beginning to develop and we hope to find of the gender at week 16!

Mommy Update
I have been sick since week 5...  The worst of my sickness was during all the summer travel (Marco Island, Missouri & FL).  Being home has helped a lot, although I feel like I'm losing my mind being in this house so much!!! 

Daddy Update
Jorma is the best husband I could ask for.  He takes care of me whenever he is here and without me having to ask.  He has kept up the house, taken care of the animals and taken care of me without complaining once!  He has even painted the nursery this past week!  He is my superman and without him I don't think I could do this!