Sunday, September 16, 2012

September '12- Link Goes Mobile!

7 Months Old!

This is the month that we start blogging a bit differently... I will do my best to blog as we go! Hopefully, this means I'll get to explain more and tell stories for us to look back on and share with loves ones!

So let us begin on the 1st! We had a lovely day spending some quality family time. We took a stroll down to Tipsy Teapot for breakfast and iced tea, cleaned the entire apartment, caught up on some blogging, had a picnic at the park where Link LOVED to swing and pop bubbles and ended it with a nice night at home with a movie!

3rd- Links 3rd tooth is makings break for it on the 3rd! He now has 3 front bottom teeth. How silly!

5th- Link can now go from laying down to sitting with no help AND a diaper on! These Bum Geniuses seem to get in his way a bit but he's mastered it! ^_^

11th- OODLES OF NOODLES!  Babycenter sent me an email saying that babies love cooked noodles... they were right!

17th- Link is crawling all around!!!  About a 4-5 days ago he took about 3 steps (crawling) and then sat up.  I cheered him on and on... and on for days but he wouldn't do it again!  He would take a step then sit up, repeat until he got where he wanted.  And then one morning we were sitting in the living room playing and something caught his eye across the room... so crawled right to it!  Now he's a crawling machine!

He also has started to pull himself up to a stand position.  Anything he can reach up to is fair game, even the most unsteady furniture!  We are mobile!

He also now says, "Dad dah da da da" all the time!  Jorma just loves it and gets the cutest proudest Daddy smiles I've ever seen!

Then later in the evening during Link's "Daddy Bath Time,"  I came in to see him play.  He saw me and started trying to climb out to get to me but the good Daddy that Jorma is, he kept him safe and in the tub.  Well, Link was not happy about this so started whining and babbling angrily and throws his hands down to splash the water and says, "MAM MAA!"  We both stopped in our tracks and looked at each other like WHAAA!?  Could that have just happened!?  Well it did!  Whether or not Link knows he was calling me while he wanted me is irrelevant because it melted my heart either way!  Now he's back to saying, "DAD DA DA DAD DAH."  

23rd- Gabby Girls Birthday Party was a smash! All Basil themed (Gabriella Basil) and adorable! Link was able to interact with the kids by crawling and watching and added 3 bumps to his poor little head!

It's hard to believe this Boob will be 8 months soon... Where did the time go?!  

Our hearts are so full and thankful that our little man is so happy, healthy and loving! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

August '12- New Mexico, Family & FOOD

Highlight video of the month is Link trying his first solid foods!

Links 1st tooth broke through August 7th! His second came in shortly after. Bottom center! Too adorable.

Aunt Cece took this lovely family picture at North Hills.  We are enjoying Link starting to play on his on and watching him roll around, watching the big kids!

We also discovered Link LOVES spraying a hose and watching dogs play!  He will just laugh and laugh! 

We celebrate Links half birthday with a trip to Taos Ski Valley! I carried him on my back during our 2.5 mile hike up to Williams Lake!  It was lovely seeing all the Benkendorfs and reuniting!  Delta gave Link wings thinking it was his first flight (it was number 5 I believe :). 

This is Link SLEEPING in his car seat!  You could wave a hand right in front of his face and he does nothing!   So silly and I love sharing traits with him!

Taos was so beautiful!  The weather was perfect and a nice break from the NC summer heat.

My cultured boy at breakfast in town.  Everyone in the family took turns holding this fella and it just filled my heart with joy to know he has such a generous accepting family!

Exploring Taos with Mimi!

The start of our hike! 

A day in town shopping with Daddy, Nicole and Linda.  So much fun!  Mommy even got a amethyst charm which is Link's birth stone!

Back from Vacation. 

We bought a kiddie pool for our backyard.  Link has finally warmed up to it and loves splashing!

Watching Daddy pee!?  Boy bonding time! 

Jorma's grandmother passed away this month.  After a wonderful service for her the family decided to goto Snoopy's for hotdogs and coke!  (Link was sleeping in the car so Mommy had to stand watch!)

Good ole' dog fight entertainment.

The 2012 Pelto Pool Portrait!
I hope we can do this every year!