Friday, April 27, 2012

March '12- Meet the Family!

The month began with a visit from Aunt Dawn!!!  Link was not quite one month and tiny as can be!  Once Dawn finally got here after a whole slew of delays, we did a lot of much needed relaxing.  We'd have lazy days and pampered days, watching TV and getting pedicures.   Dawn made some delicious Chubb food for us and got to bond with Link for four days!  We also had a photo shoot.  Here are some shots from that:

 Ashley Stopped by for a visit!
The Pod.

 With his Grandma Teri!

 Family Shot!

This month I decided to get my groove back on and start walking!  So out we go with Susi down the Greenway!

Jorma and I both had birthday's turning 28 and 23 on the 10th & 9th.  We decided to stay at home to relax and get our baby well.  Link had a 2 week cold up until our birthday's!  Unfortunately, that meant we missed Eliza and Amanda's wedding day in NYC.

Link also started attending class with his Mama!  Such a good boy!  Every speaker came up to me to tell me how wonderful he is and that their kids could never have sat through a THREE hour class!

We also had a perfect Pelto St. Patty's Day at out favorite spot the Tipsy Teapot!  We also had a chance to show off Link's shamrock bib!  This walk to Tipsy was the first of MANY!  It is now an ongoing tradition that we do at LEAST once a week!

I have two of the greatest male models ever!

Since we love our family so much we decided to begin and end the month with all our loved ones!  Here is Link meeting his great grandfather and great grandmother for the first time!  Also, we got to spend time with all the cousins!

Link and Cousin Gabby! Only 5 months apart!

Tea sneaking a kiss.
All their grandkids!!! (Exept Elliot)

Last but not least, Link traveled to Washington D.C. to visit Uncle Stew and Aunt Kristen!  We missed the cherry blossoms but we did go to the kite festival at the monument!  We had never seen so many kites or such HUGE ones!!!  I think the best one was a giant snorkeling girl (that I failed to get a picture of).

Before we left for the Kite Festival!

Uncle Stew's pirate ship flying high!

See you next month!!!