Tuesday, December 4, 2012

November '12- 'Tis The Season!

Ahh, November!  
We started this month off right, with family!  Link and I spent the night with our cousins and went to the kids museum called Marbles.  It. Was. Awesome.  Link had a GREAT time and played so much!  We sure do love our NC cousins and always enjoy their company!

He borrowed Gabby girl's PJs!

As great as Marbles was, it unfortunately ended with this...

A very ill Link.. he ended getting a bad cold which lead to his first ever ear infection (make that a double) and first fever.  It lasted a couple weeks and my goodness what a long couple weeks it was.  Jorma and I learned so much, so fast.  Thankfully, we have such great support from family and friends that we made it through!  Poor Boober had to be sick AND deal with parents on edge (we did fall off that edge once or twice but were carefully pulled back up by family).  I hope we don't have to experience another sickness like this for sometime! 

The family got together for an awesome surprise birthday party for Mummi!  Happy 60th Mummi!  Here we ended the weekend at Brueggars (as usual) before the DC folk had to go back home.   

We love our cousin Jameson!!! 

Luckily, Link got better just in time for the Second Annual Sipley/ Pelto Turkey Day!!!  We stuffed our faces with Dawn & Jorma's delicious cooking, decorated the Christmas tree and watched the Macy's parade.  It is so great having a nice big home to fit family in!  I think we all had a pretty awesome time!

Much to my delight, some more Chubbs (Mommamee) & Holdens came to visit that Saturday!!! We had a full house!  I LOVED hosting my family in our new awesome home and I hope this happens more and more!  It filled me with pride and love to see us all together again!  I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!