Monday, August 15, 2011

The Birth Plan

So we have finally decided where and how we will bring Sprout into the world!!!   It will be a natural birth at .....*drumroll*..... 
 Women's Birth & Wellness Center in Chapel Hill, NC! 

I made the final decision based on their philosophy and  the freedom I will have during labor.  What it came down to was:
 1.) Freedom to be in any position during labor and supply all sorts of tricks and 'equipment'
 2.) Baby never leaves your sight (unlike the hospital) 
3.) No epidurals or drugs will be around for me to accept 
4.)  We can leave as early as 4 hours after birth (hospital was 48 hour min.)
5.)  My favorite part-  they have big bathtubs!!! 

My first appointment with the birthing center is TBA! 

During our first appointment with the OB we were able to hear Sprout's strong fast heartbeat!  I've made a video to share with everyone!  
This is such a precious gift God has given us!  The miracle of life is amazing!
We are anxiously awaiting to meet our Prince/ Princess Pelto!

Special thanks to Mema and Mummi!
They have both made plans to visit and to contribute to Sprout's nursery!
We are blessed to have such awesome family!

Check back soon!  In 3 weeks we will know the gender!