Wednesday, March 21, 2012

February '12- Welcome to Earth, Link!

Link has been such a blessing in every way!  He is such a happy, patient and sleepy baby yet when he is awake he is WIDE awake!  We have been able to get just enough sleep even from day one.  He is everything I have been dreaming of since I wanted a child (for 7 years)!  

Here is a glimpse of Link's first month of Earth:

2 Days Old:  He would sleep so hard the first few days we would have to wake (& annoy) him in the middle of the night so he would eat!!!  During these days he liked to be swaddled but eventually he preferred his arms out and then he preferred to be free!

Day 3:  Mommy's first photoshoot with her new model!  Followed by our first time out since Link's arrival.  We had all you can eat sushi at Japan Inn!  Link slept the whole outing.  Last but not least, he had quality time with Mimi before she left.

Day 6- Valentine's Day:  Here I am with one of my Valentines. It was so great to be able to spend this day with him to celebrate our love!  Jorma and I also had a lovely dinner followed by chocolate fondue.  Link of course slept through it all.

Day 9: Link's umbilical stub finally falls off!

Day 10:  Link had his first bottle from Daddy.  Later, Mom insisted to get back to walking!  Daddy and Susi went to the dog park while Link and I paced the Greenway.

Day 11: Link LOVES our bamboo lamp.  He is completely mesmerized.  


Day 17: Midwife Emily and Link together again.  We LOVED Emily and it was great to see her again.  Also, Uncle Stew & Aunt Kristen came for a visit!  

3 Weeks Old:  We ended February with Link's very first bath!  He did great even though his parents were completely awkward and didn't know what they were doing :)  He also didn't poop until the last minute!  We got a good laugh out of that!

I hope to update this blog at least once a month so stay tuned & feel free to comment!