Friday, May 11, 2012

April '12- Baby Abroad

April, what a month!  

Link had his first Easter!!!  He went to church for the first time and got blasted by loud music that he slept through.  He got his first Easter basket completed with a chewed carrot.  Jorma and I colored eggs (Link slept through that too) and had a wonderful day!  First holidays rock! 

Link is very familiar with Target.  Here is a preview from one of those visits.  That darn Ashley!  

Then I got offered an awesome opportunity to go to a Juice Plus Leadership conference in Phoenix, AZ.  Link and I flew west for 4-5 hours one way!  He was the best baby on every plane out of four.  Each landing I would get compliments on my well behaved infant and people stared in amazement as we flew through the airports together getting places and enjoying it the whole time!  As mighty as I felt, I ran into a 8-month pregnant lady traveling alone with a toddler!  I had it easy!  

Nevertheless, Link was perfect as usual and even during a conference that was way too loud, with our group insisting on the front rows until the last day, he slept in his k'tan carrier like a champ. 

Here is a picture of Link's first plane ever! 

In his faithful K'tan.  This is the same morning and place that Link decided to poo on Mema... sorry Mema!   We then ran back to the hotel to get cleaned up and rest our ears before our last day at the conference.

This month Link started taking naps in his crib during the day.  Since we are co-sleeping, I wanted to get him used to sleeping in different places and alone sometimes.  Such a trooper, within days he was taking naps for hours in his crib and waking up in a delightful mood ready to watch his Simba mobile go round! 

Link also doubled his birth weight this month!!!  By mid-April he was 13.3lbs!  Growing fast and steady, impressing everyone along the way!  

This was my last full month of undergraduate studies!  See next month's blog for GRADUATION photos!

We love that Link Blount.