Monday, January 14, 2013

A First New Year! -Jan. 2013

Unfortunately the Pelto Pod started out the new year quite ill due to a contaminated Christmas trip. So this month we start a bit late!

January 3rd while in Florida, Link decided to take his FIRST 2 STEPS!!! Only Mimi (Kamie) saw even though he was holding on the back of my legs. He let go of me, turned around and took two very steady steps to the fridge to grab a magnet!

As soon as we got home from our vacationing (4th) Link made a discovery on the bathroom. He can open up the toilet lid and play in a bowl of water!!! Yippee!

Link also is talking to himself, a lot. It's not so much English but I assure you he knows exactly what he's saying and expects a respond! It's been lovely having two sides conversations with him already! Now Mummy doesn't feel as crazy talking to him all day when Daddy is making the green.

1.13- an unusually warm day at 63 degrees!! So naturally we goto the park and play some frisbee golf! Susi is happy to come along and we all enjoy some sun light.

1.15- sometimes when Link wakes, his hair is a bird.

1.19-  The Pelto Pod had the honor of hosting Stewart & Kristen (but mainly Lyon's) baby shower!  It was a Doctor Who theme that was pulled off quite well, thanks to Lydia and Jorma's hard work!  We had such a great time and Lyon got so many terrific gifts!  I am so delighted that the family drove all the way out here to celebrate the newest life in the family!  Kristen is due April 5th and we all VERY excited to meet Lyon Arthur, the full quiver!  Link & Lyon are going to be the cutest cousins ever!

We are SO glad that Kristen & Stew decided to stay at our place!  We were able to spend time together, play games, and catch up on the latest baby Lyon news!  Next time ya'll come you'll be bringing our sweet nephew to us!  YAY!!  

The Sunday after the shower, the two master chefs combined their expertise to serve the most delicious gourmet meal I have ever experienced!  They were cooking for most the day and seemed to have a blast.  Now please take a moment to drool over these next few pictures...

Reverend was not included in the meal... 

Link has been practicing his walking very intently for the past week! He is up to 6-7 steps all on his own! He is very proud of himself and so are we! It's been so much fun watching him figure out how everything works. He's such a big smart boy!

Another baby shower! Our good friend Tina is due next month! Baby Tamia will be joining us soon! Tina's baby shower went wonderfully and was a great turn out. We all had a terrific time and loved watching Tina waddle around and open all their gifts! ^_^

We also went on our second date since Link while we were in Raleigh! We have had so much freedom since Link started sleeping in his crib last week and for hours at a time!! We were able to see a movie and have dinner at North Hills while Mummi & Ukki babysat the sleeping boy.

Before leaving Raleigh we went to see Aunt KC & Uncle Jim! Link showed off his walking skills and played with everything in sight.

1.28- We had such a beautiful warm day today! I think we were outside more than inside. We ate lunch outside, went to the park and watched Daddy-hubs work!

Link sure is walking up a storm. He has made up to 17 steps by himself! I hope he's walking around his birthday party!!

Make that 20.. At least ^_^"

Happy birthday to Susi the Goose!!! She is 3 years old!! We love you Goose! Sorry you live outside!

I think it's safe to say Link's two favorite hobbies this month was climbing and walking!!!  That boy knows how to burn some calories!!  I can not wait to start chasing him around!  


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